Welcome to The Iron Platform. If you have to register IRON and/or IRON substances under REACH, you have come to the right place.

The Iron Platform is a REACH Consortium, established in 2008 on behalf of a number of member companies and organisations producing and importing a variety of iron substances and iron-containing preparations.

Our mission is to provide a mechanism to enable the various iron industries to comply with the REACH legislation in accordance with the statutory timetable on a timely basis in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The complexities and requirements of REACH are such that registration is a very expensive process and places heavy demands on all registrants, however large or small they may be.   Furthermore, by virtue of their larger tonnage volumes, most organisations involved with iron were required to register by the shortest deadline, December 2010. Membership of the Iron Platform offers many benefits.



Iron Platform substances - dossier updates

The following Lead Registrant dossiers have been updated in March 2023 - please contact the secretariat for more information

Iron, sinter (EINECS 265-997-9); Mill Scale Ferrous Metal (EINECS 266-007-8)

Iron Platform and UK REACH
The REACH Iron Platform, the REACH consortium for Iron and related substances, has decided to play a role in the new UK REACH regulatory regime through its legal entity, Iron Platform Services Ltd.

Iron Platform substances and nanos

Iron Platform appoints Trustees
Handling of confidential business information

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