Progress Update

May 31st 2010

Dossier Progress

Preparation of the IUCLID 5 dossiers is now largely complete - only a few details are outstanding.   Chemical Safety Reports are under preparation and are scheduled for completion during June.   The IUCLID 5 dossiers and the Chemical Safety Reports are due to be approved by the Technical Working Group during its meeting on June 25th and by the Steering Committee during the course of July so that they can be submitted by the Lead Registrants well in advance of the statutory deadline.

The decision to merge Iron [Einecs number 231-096-4, CAS number 7439-89-6] with Iron, Furnace [Einecs number 265-998-4 CAS number 65996-67-0] under Iron has been formally taken and an announcement about this will be made separately, to include guidance to Iron, Furnace SIEF members on how to implement this change.

Joint Submissions

It is planned that the Joint Submissions for all substances handled by the Iron Platform will be in operation during June 2010.   All SIEF members will be contacted by email with relevant information.   The Joint Submission tokens [passwords] will be provided to Iron Platform members and their affiliates by email after which they will be able to join the relevant Joint Submissions.   Other SIEF members will be able to join the Joint Submissions after purchase of a Letter of Access to the required dossier.

Letters of Access

Those who are not members of the Iron Platform will soon be able to purchase Letters of Access to the dossiers in which they are interested.   Full details can be found on the Letter of Access page of this website.   Purchase of Letters of Access will be via a portal which will be reached via a link on the Letter of Access page.

Guidance Documents

The Iron Platform offers a series of guidance documents to assist consortium and SIEF members in achieving their REACH registration on a timely basis.   These documents can be found on the Guidance page of this website - they are being added as they become available.


For those that are interested in a more detailed view of progress, the Roadmaps for the various substances have just been updated and can be found on the documents pages in the SIEF Members Area of this website.

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