The funding principle of the Iron Platform [see Appendix 5 of the Consortium Agreement] is that costs are shared pro-rata between Regular Members in accordance with the annual tonnage of iron contained in their substance[s]. Associate Members are required to contribute on the same basis to the costs of studies needed for any substances that they wish to register.

Funds are raised in two ways:

  • An initial contribution of €25,000 for those members who annual Fe volume is ≥ 300,000 tonnes, €15,000 for those members whose annual Fe volume is < 300,000 tonnes and €7,500 for those members whose Fe volume is <5,000 tonnes.
  • Annual contributions based on the pro-rata tonnage share of the budget for the year in question, subject to a minimum contribution of €15,000 [and minimum €7,500 for members with annual Fe volume <5,000 tonnes].
At the end of the project, costs and contributions, taking into account Letter of Access fees received, will be reconciled in accordance with Appendix 5 of the consortium agreement.


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