Iron Ores Agglomerates (Pellets) SIEF

The is the home page for the Iron Ores, Aggllomerate [pellets] SIEF  [Einecs number 265-996-3, CAS number 65996-65-8].   The definition of Iron Ores, Agglomerates is "the product of agglomerating iron ore fines, concentrates, iron sinter, and other iron-bearing materials. Includes pellets, nodules and briquettes."   It is intended that the substance Iron Ores, Agglomerates be used for IRON ORE PELLETS only, not for Iron Sinter [which should be registered under Einecs number 265-997-9 Iron Sinter].

The typical (sameness) specification for Iron Ores, Agglomerates [Iron Oxide Pellets] is given in the table below.   Many pellet manufacturers screen their pellets to remove fines prior to loading on board vessels or trains for delivery to customers.   The resultant screened off fines are known as pellet fines [also as pellet screenings or pellet chips].   The sameness specification for pellet fines is the same as that for pellets, except for nominal size, and pellet fines can be considered as Iron Ores, Agglomerates [pellets] for the purposes of REACH.


Chemical AnalysisTypical composition range
Fe2O3 >80%
Fe 60-69 %
SiO2 <10 %
Al2O3 <3%
CaO <8%
MgO <5%
P <0.2%
S <0.1%
Free moisture @ 105C <5%
Nominal size: pellets 5-20 mm [undersize <5.0%]
Nominal size: pellet fines
<10 mm


The Lead Registrant for Iron Ores, Agglomerates, as approved by SIEF members, is Tata Steel Netherlands [formerly Corus Staal BV].   Tata Steel is supported by the Iron Platform Technical Working Group in this work and SIEF members should contact us with any questions that they may have about this process.   We will be posting relevant information on these pages from time to time.


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