Iron Sinter SIEF

The is the home page for the Iron, Sinter SIEF  [Einecs number 265-997-9, CAS number 65996-66-9].   The definition of Iron Sinter is "the thermally agglomerated substance formed by heating a variable mixture of finely divided coke, iron ore, blast furnace dust, steelmaking dust, mill scale, other miscellaneous iron-bearing materials, limestone, and dolomite at 1315°C to 1482°C [2400°F to 2700°F]."

The final sameness specification for Iron Sinter is given in the table below.

Chemical AnalysisTypical composition range
Fe2O3 >55%
FeO <23%
SiO2 2 - 11%
Al2O3 <3%
CaO 4 - 20%
MgO <5%
Other elements [Zn, Ti, K2O, Cr, Mn] <5%
Free moisture content 0 - 6%
Grain size distribution [wt%]  
- 8 mm ≥16%
-10 mm ≥26%
-20 mm ≥60%
-30 mm ≥75%
-50 mm ≥90%
-70 mm ≥99%
Overall ≥85% 5-70 mm


Despite the detailed particle size distribution specification above, if the substance complies with the “overall” particle size distribution of ≥ 85% in the range 5  to 70 mm, then sameness can be considered to have been demonstrated.

The Lead Registrant for Iron Sinter, as approved by SIEF members, is Tata Steel Netherlands [formerly Corus UK Ltd.].   Tata Steel is supported by the Iron Platform Technical Working Group in this work and SIEF members should contact us with any questions that they may have about this process.   We will be posting relevant information on these pages from time to time.

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