Mill Scale SIEF

The is the home page for the Mill Scale Ferrous Metal SIEF  [Einecs number 266-007-8, CAS number 65996-74-9].   We will be posting relevant information here from time to time.

Mill scales are composed mainly of iron oxides and may contain varying amounts of other oxides and spinels, elements and trace compounds.   The oxidised surface of steel produced during re-heating, conditioning, hot rolling and hot forming operations.   This substance is usually removed by process waters used for de-scaling, roll and material cooling and other purposes.   Generally it is subsequently separated from the water by gravity techniques.

Analytical information

The sameness description below is intended to represent a typical composition range for Mill Scale.

  • Iron Oxides: >70% - FeO [Einecs number 215-721-8, CAS number 1345-25-1], Fe2O3 [Einecs number 215-168-2, CAS number 1309-37-1] and Fe3O4 [Einecs number 215-277-5, CAS number 1317-61-9]
  • C, Si, Ca, Na, Al, Mn and other metal oxides: <10% each [components are listed in elemental form, but are actually present in other oxidation states]
  • No hazardous substances present in the group "other metal oxides" in excess of the CLP [Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures] Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 limits for classification such as to render Mill Scale as hazardous [hazardous substances are defined in accordance with the current legally binding ATP (Adaptation to Technical Progress) of the CLP regulation

For the different uses of Mill Scale there are oil content limits as follows:

  • 3% for Batteries and Melting Charge
  • 1% for Catalysts, Cement, Chemicals, Clinker, Heavy Concrete, Concrete Aggregate, Counter-weights, Energy Saving, Exothermic Power, Metallurgical Feedstock, Ferro-alloys, Fertilisers, Foundry, Friction Products, Glass, Heat Conservation, Iron Oxides, Iron Salts, Mineral Wool, Paint, Radiation Shielding, Recycling Material, Refractories, Road Construction, Sinter Feedstock, Slag Formers, Stone Production, Tool Steel, Water and Soil Treatment, Weights, Welding Electrodes

The Lead Registrant for Mill Scale is ArcelorMittal.    ArcelorMittal is supported by the Iron Platform Technical Working as well as a group of mill scale experts and SIEF members should contact us with any questions that they may have about this process.   We will be posting relevant information on these pages from time to time.

Mill Scale has been registered as a UVCB.   UVCB is defined in the GUIDANCE FOR SUBSTANCE IDENTIFICATION AND NAMING IN REACH as follows:

"Substances of Unknown of Variable composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials, also called UVCB substances, cannot be sufficiently identified by their chemical composition because:

  • the number of constituents is relatively large, or
  • the composition is, to a significant extent, unknown, and/or
  • the variability of composition is relatively large or poorly predictable.

As a consequence, UVCB substances require other types of information for their identification, in addition to what is known about their chemical composition."

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