Portal for Purchase of Letter of Access

Welcome to the Iron Platform portal for purchase of Letters of Access.  

Details of our Letters of Access and the fee structure are given on the main Letters of Access page of this website and you should have studied this information carefully before proceeding to this portal.   Clicking on the links at the bottom of this page will take you to the appropriate online Letter of Access Application Form. There is a separate application form for Only Representatives (OR).

In applying for a Letter of Access you need to do two things:

    1. Complete and submit the online Application Form
    2. Download, complete and sign the appropriate Letter of Access document and forward it to us immediately by email - we will not process your application until we have received the signed document


      Note that there must be only one legal entity per application - if you are applying for more than one legal entity, please submit a separate application form for each of them.  Only Representatives must use the appropriate application form and complete one application form for each client / legal entity - the name of your client must additionally be entered on the application form.  In filling out the application form, fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

      We have tried to make this form as simple as possible - if you do not understand any part of it, please feel free to contact us via the link on the form.   In completing the SUBSTANCES REQUIRING A LETTER OF ACCESS section, please remember that applicants for substances other than Iron / Iron, Furnace also have to purchase access to the core Iron dossier - please first enter your total tonnage of Fe contained in your substance[s] in the iron tonnage field and then select your other substance[s].


      In completing this document, note that you have to fill in your company name and address and the date on page 1, the name of your company, signatory and date of signature on page 5 and the details of the substance[s] concerned in Appendix 2 .   If you are a third party representative, please note that either your client must sign the agreement or you must provide evidence that you are authorised to do so on your client's behalf.   Only Representatives please note that there is a separate document for you in which the name of your client must additionally be entered in the box on page 1 - this information will be treated in confidence.

      Please email this to us at


      Click here to complete the online
      Letter of Access Application Form
      Click here to complete the online
      Letter of Access Application Form
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