REACH Article 2.7 [d] (Regulation 1907/2006) provides for the following exemption from the obligation to register:

substances, on their own, in preparations or in articles, which have been registered in accordance with Title II and which are recovered in the Community if:

[i] the substance that results from the recovery process is the same as the substances that has been registered in accordance with Title II; and

[ii] the information required by Articles 31 or 32 relating to the substance that has been registered in accordance with Title II is available to the establishment undertaking the recovery.

The company undertaking recovery can benefit from REACH Article 2.7 [d] exemption provided that the company has available (i) Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or (ii) when SDS is not required, the registration numbers and information on risk management measures.  When using SDS or information on risk management measures the company must make sure that they have legitimate access to the information, and that the hazard profile of company's recovered substance is adequately covered.

The Iron Platform will prepare guidance for safe use / risk management measures for Iron.   This information will be made available to companies undertaking recovery of metals for a nominal fee of €650.   This fee reflects the Iron Platform's effort and cost of preparing the information and is lower than the cost of obtaining access to the REACH registration dossier for the lowest tonnage band of iron.   It also incorporates an administration fee of €150.

In order to obtain the required information, please download the Recyclers Information Provision Letter Agreement from the link blow, complete and sign it and send it to us by email.   You will then receive an invoice.   This must be paid in full and you will then receive the required information and a counter-signed copy of the agreement.

Recyclers Information Provision Letter Agreement

The Eurofer position paper entitled Steel Industry Approach on Steel Scrap and REACH is a useful reference in this context.

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