The chart below, extracted from CEFIC's "Guidance on SIEF formation" paper illustrates the SIEF process. The Iron Platform will play a role in the SIEF process, working with SIEF Facilitators and Lead Registrants to ensure that the various processes are accomplished.

SIEF process

The first task is the Pre-SIEF, the forum through which all pre-registrants for a particular substance first make contact at the instigation of the SIEF facilitator. The number of pre-registrants for many substances is unprecedented - more than 5,000 for iron.

The sole task of the Pre-SIEF is to establish that all participants have registered the substance correctly and are in the correct SIEF - the so-called "sameness" discussion. In this respect, the Iron Platform is developing typical descriptions and specifications for each of the substances covered.

Once the SIEF proper has been formed, all members must agree together on a legal framework through which to co-operate and exchange technical information and data. All SIEF members will be entitled to become members of the Iron Platform or purchase a Letter of Access to the registration data to be developed by the Iron Platform.    We have created a SIEF Members Area which has pages for each of the substances covered by the Iron Platform.

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