Substances covered

 The list of substances to be covered by the Iron Platform is given in the table below.  

Reference nameFormulaEINECS NumberCAS Number
Group I
Iron Fe 231-096-4 7439-89-6
Group II
Iron Ores, Agglomerates Fe2O3  265-996-3 65996-65-8
Iron, sinter Fe2O3 265-997-9 65996-66-9
Mill Scale Ferrous Metal Fe2O3 266-007-8 65996-74-9

Note that it was concluded that Iron [EC number 231-096-4] and Iron, Furnace [EC number 265-998-4] can and would be considered as the same substance for the purposes of REACH.

Note also that the following iron oxide substances are handled by the Iron Oxides REACH Consortium and registration dossiers for all have been sucessfully submitted:

Di-iron trioxide (Iron III oxide - haematite) Fe2O3 215-168-2 1309-37-1
Tri-iron Tetraoxide (Iron II, III oxide - magnetite) Fe3O4 215-277-5 1317-61-9
Iron (III) oxide hydroxide FeO(OH) 243-746-4 / 257-098-5 20344-49-4 / 51274-01-1

For the the Iron Oxides REACH Consortium, please note contact informatioon below:

Ursula Schliessner
Jones Day
4, Rue de la Régence 
Regentschapsstraat 4
B-1000 Brussels 

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