Iron Platform appoints Trustees

June 10th 2009

The Iron Platform is pleased to announce the appointment of Trustees for the receipt and processing of confidential business information.   Two Trustees have been appointed:

  • McDermott Will & Emery, an international law firm which will deal with the iron tonnage information to be used for the purposes of cost sharing - per Appendix 5 of the Iron Platform consortium agreement, cost sharing is based on members' pro rata share of the total tonnage of iron contained in their substances.   MWE acts as legal counsel to the Iron Platform.
  • Keller & Heckman is also an international law firm and will deal with all other confidential business information that may be provided by Iron Platform members and others.   K&H has on its staff a team of scientists well versed in REACH matters and will thus be able to interpret and process such information in a scientifically appropriate manner. 

For further information, please contact the Iron Platform Secretariat or visit:

Chris Barrington
Iron Platform Secretariat
tel +44-1276-686279

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