• Iron SIEF Membership
       List of Members of the Iron SIEF - includes members of Iron, Furnace SIEF - updated 06/07/2010
  • Introductory Letter - Iron
       Letter to pre-registrants January 19th 2009
  • The Sameness of Iron and Iron, Furnace
       Updated Statement by the Iron Platform 31/05/2010
  • How to move from Iron, Furnace to Iron
       Iron Platform guidance document June 2010
  • Formation of Iron SIEF and Joint Submission for Iron
       Bulk email to pre-registrants sent 15/06/2010
  • Approval of Iron Classification
       Bulk email to SIEF members sent 14/07/2010
  • Identified uses of iron
       ArcelorMittal document - updated 03/08/2010
  • Identified uses of iron
       Bulk email to SIEF members sent 22/07/2010
  • Analysis guidance document for iron
       Bulk email to SIEF members sent 23/07/2010
  • Dossier submission notification for iron
       Bulk email to SIEF members sent 14/09/2010
  • Iron Roadmap
       Plan and timelines for registration of Iron as at 30/11/2010
  • Identified uses of iron
      Iron Platform document - update December 2013 of ArcelorMittal document dated 03/08/2010   - changes from previous version highlighted in yellow
  • Identified uses of iron
      Iron Platform document -update December 2013 of ArcelorMittal document dated 03/08/2010 - clean version, applicable with immediate effect
  • Iron Manufacturing Processes
      Iron Platform document -update December 2013
  • Updates to Iron dossier
      Email to LOA purchasers 12/08/2014 [same email send to consortium members]
  • Proposed addition of electrolytic iron as new iron substance in iron REACH dossier
      Draft document from Lead Registrant
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